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Breville Vac Master Portable Vacuum





  • The Charging Base recharges your vacuum cleaner and stores the cleaning tools for convenient access.
  • The Charging Base can be mounted vertically or placed on a horizontal surface such as a counter or shelf.
  • If you choose to wall mount the Charging Base, please follow these steps:
  1. Pick a convenient position within 1m of an electrical outlet. If the Charging Base will be mounted closer to an outlet, wrap any excess cord in the storage cord in the storage area on the back of the Charging Base.
  2. Place the Charging Base against the wall in the desired location and mark the center of each hole.
  3. Drill a 5mm diameter hole through the center of the top mark. Push a Plastic Wall Anchor into the drilled hole.
  4. Insert one of the included screws and turn it until the screw head is 3mm above the wall surface.
  5. Recheck the hole alignment, then drill the second hole and install the other Plastic Wall Anchor and screw as in steps 3-4.
  6. Slide the Charging Base into place making sure the cord exists through one of the slots.

Note: The charging base should be mounted on the wall so that the pickup bowl is pointing to the ground when the Vac Master is placed in the charging base.


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